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We provide classes in astrology to help you become a successful and professional fortune teller.

Welcome to the best training center in astrology

by Dr. Montri, the best psychic reader in Thailand.



How to Become a Fortune Teller
           Working as a fortune teller can work well for people who have an interest in predicting the future. Remember that it takes a lot of knowledge and patience to know about the fortune telling. There are several kinds of methods in reading which you  may have to master it in order to become a proficient fortune teller such as palmistry, face-reading, tarot card, zodiac, numbers, and so on. If you are looking for the best training center in astrology, it is a must to join a class with a person who has mastered and has been working in the area of fortune telling for many years- Dr. Montri. 


         Dr. Montri- He has been a professional and famous psychic reader in Thailand. He is well-known from spirit medium to almost all kinds of reading among Thai celebrities and both thai and international entrepreneurs in telling all about business, jobs, love, hardships, luck, and anything that is a major decision in life and some minor ones too. He has been a psychic reader for almost 28 years and his reading always becomes true. 


Private training in fortune telling by Dr. Montri

Course A (Astrology): Mastering in zodiac, calculating car and house numbers

Fee: $ 1,050
Duration: 3 days

Course B (Palmistry): Mastering in palm reading
Fee: $ 1,050
Duration: 3 days

Special Offer
Course A + B 
Fee: $ 1,650
Duration: 5 days

For the accomodation: Please make your booking directly to the hotel by clicking the link for information.


Contact Us

TEL.094-864-5500 EMAIL:kevinjoebkk@gmail.com

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Thai Map:

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